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Christopher Duck

49321 Fake Lane, Oceanside, Ca 91473



Strong foundation in photography, commercial art, and computer applications complemented by knowledge of business operations and the need for customer-focused service.

Track record of initiative and achievement — seeking out freelance projects, expanding job description boundaries, volunteering, and being selected for positions of responsibility within chosen field.


Bachelor of Fine Arts


School of Fine Art

Cincinnati, Ohio


Commercial Photographer Freelance



Successful completion of commercial photography assignments requiring planning, follow-through, and results that meet client objectives.

·        Project: Marketing brochure for independent producer of specialized archery equipment (Fall 1995).

-      Scope: Worked with client to select and position products; shot and developed photos; made brochure layout recommendations and gave technical input regarding reproduction of photographs.

·        Project: Real estate catalog for Architectural and Design Services, Oak Tree University (Fall 1994).

-      Scope: Met with client to determine project goals; selected shots and photographed University-owned properties from numerous perspectives; working with strict budget limitations, researched developing options and selected vendors based on quality and price; organized and presented finished photographs.


Night Manager



Fourth Coffee, Cincinnati, Ohio

·        Train and supervise employees.

·        Promote positive customer relationships by focusing strong attention on meeting customer needs and ensuring their enjoyment.

·        Coordinate and book entertainment; develop and place related advertising.

·        Introduce new product lines following analysis of current operations and growth opportunities.


Lab Monitor



Oak Tree University, Photography Department

·        Supervised and provided expert assistance to beginning photography students.

·        Operated and maintained darkroom equipment.


Exhibit Assistant



Baldwin Museum of Science, Cincinnati, Ohio

·        Participated in the installation of exhibits for photographic-art gallery.

·        Monitored gallery shows and provided information to visitors.


·        Macintosh Systems

-      Applications: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sculpt 3D, Authorware

·        4x5, 2 1/4, 35mm cameras

·        Black/white and color film processing and printing


Student Works

1994, 1995

Graphic Design Institute

Undergraduate Ceramic Exhibit

May 1994

School of Fine Art

Undergraduate Painting Exhibit

May 1993

School of Fine Art

Portfolio and references available upon request